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Craniofacial Research is an electronic journal with the ISSN 2735-7619, which was created in 2022. It is an open access journal that allows you to access and download all full-text scientific articles for free.


The journal is the official publication of the Association of Facial Aesthetic and Reparative Surgery and the Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology of Chile. The objective of the journal is to publish original and unpublished articles on surgery, medicine, and cranial and facial morphology in all its aspects, including surgical anatomy, experimental surgery, experimental medicine, craniofacial growth and development, as well as human morphological aspects. Reviews, brief communications, and letters to the editor are also accepted.


The mission of Craniofacial Research is to promote the creation, dissemination, and exchange of scientific and technical information among professionals, scientists, and students who work in the areas of surgery and facial morphology, as well as related specialties such as facial plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, rhinology, otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, oral and maxillofacial implantology, craniofacial surgery, neurosurgery, oculoplastic surgery, dermatology, facial cosmetics, cervical-facial reconstructive surgery, and others.


The journal publishes four fascicles quarterly during the year, which constitute one volume. Each fascicle covers a specific period:


Issue 1, between January and March

Issue 2, between April and June

Issue 3, between July and September

Issue 4, between October and December


The journal follows a rigorous evaluation process for all articles submitted for publication. Two independent reviewers, who belong to the Scientific Committee, or ad hoc evaluators, are responsible for evaluating the manuscripts based on the highest standards within a reasonable time frame, which is communicated to the authors. The manuscript is analyzed from all perspectives, including the writing style, technical accuracy, documentation, and its impact on the discipline by experts in the relevant fields.


The reviewers’ opinions are fundamental in determining the quality of the article under consideration, and after the evaluation, the Editor will inform the authors of the decision. The decision can be one of the following: accept, minor revision, major revision, or reject.


The journal’s title is abbreviated as Craniofac. Res., and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends, and bibliographic references.




The copyright of Craniofacial Research is owned by Ink Scientific Editing & Improvement. Craniofacial Research retains all rights, including translation rights in all countries that have signed the Pan-American and international copyright conventions.


Craniofacial Research is an open access journal, which means that all articles are freely available immediately upon publication. The articles can be downloaded, shared, and reused without any restrictions, as long as the original authors are properly cited.


Digital preservation


For digital preservation, Craniofacial Research uses the LOCKSS system, which is software that manages decentralized and distributed preservation, permanent access, and the preservation of the original and authentic version of the content.




The publication of Craniofacial Research is funded by Ink Scientific Editing & Improvement.